AEW Rampage Results (12/16/2022) – – eWrestlingNews

AEW Rampage Results (12/16/2022) – – eWrestlingNews

Here are the results for the episode of AEW Rampage airing on December 16, 2022. If you missed it, here are the results for this week’s Dynamite: 12/14
*Guevara ripped Moxley’s earring out by his teeth, causing a ton of blood to flow. Moxley continued on with the match.
Jon Moxley calls out Hangman Page, who answers by rushing to the ring for a fight. Page accidentally hits the Buckshot Lariat on a security guard. The rest of security split them up.
FTR are in the ring with a microphone. Cash Wheeler says Dax broke his ass bone, so Dax shows the crowd his ass. But they feel like they let everyone down, because all year the fans have lifted them up. It has been the best year of their careers, and they owe them eternally for that. The crowd chants “You Deserve It”.
FTR believes this years legacy is something to be proud of, but there are a couple of kids in the back with daddy issues. They promise if anyone is going to ruin their legacy, it sure as hell won’t be by a couple of dumbass boys. Harwood says his daughter said that people kind of like them, and she asked why? Damn, that hurts, but why? Why do the fans like them? He doesn’t get it.
But Dax does know this is all he ever wanted to do. He wanted the people to feel the love he has for professional wrestling. At Final Battle, he wanted them to make people feel a certain way. The Ass Boys ruined it, so on Dynamite they are going to do what Daddy Ass should have done a long time ago… they are going to tan their hides. Kidding! They are going to kick their asses. Top guys, out.
Baker puts Skye Blue back in the Lockjaw, which brings Hikaru Shida out with a kendo stick. She takes out Baker and Rebel before getting in Hayter’s face. These two will face off for the title on next week’s Dynamite.
Jim Ross talks to Preston Vance. He asks JR who is boss is? It’s Tony Khan, not a kid. He was handpicked by Brodie Lee, but the rest of the Dark Order aren’t on his level. The guys he roles with now recognize how great he is. What Brodie Lee’s kid went through, no kid should have to go through that, but he has turned into a spoiled kid the past two years. It’s time to grow up.
Wardlow says Samoa Joe said he has to wait his turn, but he has waited too damn long. He isn’t waiting another second, so get your ass out here so he can whoop it. Samoa Joe is on the TV screen and says the king sets the conditions. He will not defend his title on this show, or next week, and hopefully never in this state. But he will get his chance on the 28th. The king has spoken.

Rampage Results (12/16/2022)
Rampage Results (12/16/2022)
Widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential professional wrestlers of all time, he was integral to the development and success of the …


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