KiLynn King Admits She’d Be Interested In Working For WWE – eWrestlingNews

KiLynn King Admits She’d Be Interested In Working For WWE – eWrestlingNews

During a recent appearance on the “Putting You Over” podcast, KiLynn King commented on potentially joining WWE at some point in the future.
While she admits that she’d love to work for top promotion in the world, she doesn’t believe it’ll wind up happening due to her age. She said,
“I regret the way I phrased that. I didn’t mean that I never saw myself in WWE. I just didn’t think it was a possibility for me because I’m not shy about it, I’m in my 30s. I’m 31, almost 32, and all the rumors you hear about what they expect and what they want, you’re like, ‘Okay, well, I know I’m a good worker. I know I’m a good performer, but if they’re being very strict about that, maybe that’s not where I’m meant to end up. Would I love to end up in WWE? Absolutely. Work is work, exposure is exposure, and WWE has been around for a long-ass time for a reason. So yeah, of course I would love to end up in WWE. That would be very, very cool. I’m just not sure if that’s ever going to happen because I waited as long as I did to get into wrestling. I missed what they consider to the prime. I think I’m doing pretty good in my 30s, but whatever [laughs]. I love the female talent that they’re bringing in right now, across all brands. I really think that some of their women are reshaping their division. It’s really cool to watch.“

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