Why You Should Buy Floyd's Media Console – The Manual

Why You Should Buy Floyd's Media Console – The Manual

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Updating your living room furniture also means you need to update your media console. Right now I’m staring at my wall and my TV. There are wires everywhere because I can’t hide them in the plaster wall and I just can’t bring myself to purchase those cable concealers. Mostly because it feels like I’m sitting in an office and also mostly because you can never get them in the right color of your walls.
That’s why I was looking at media cabinets and entertainment centers. I’m not talking about those huge stained oak entertainment centers that take 3 people to move and potentially put together. I’m talking about a nice clean media center that has room for my soundbar, my cable box, and my record player.

The Floyd Media Console is actually perfect for this because it has a lot of storage on the tabletop and comes in three configurations:
It’s one of those modern media consoles that can also connect to additional components such as a tall or short shelving unit. Actually, you can build nice clean media units by utilizing the shelving system with the TV console.
The media console is the perfect size for watching TV and gaming. It features clean lines and a mixture of wood and powder-coated steel for a very sturdy construction. It’s a piece of modular furniture that you can size to fit any space and décor. Another feature is the magnetic wire strip in the back of the console that hides all those crazy, chaotic cords. You’ll never have to look at the rat’s nest ever again! If you must have a wall-mounted television, you have the ability to minimize the wire exposure and finding cord covers that conceal the tangles, and then attaching the rest to the console itself.
Let’s say you don’t even own a TV; that’s fine, too, because it’s a media console which means you can use it for the record player, or a mini bookshelf and storage space to hide the clutter. The cabinet configuration is a two or four-door option and is a breeze to open because of the push to close cabinets.
There is some assembly required but with two people, you’ll have everything put together in less than 30 minutes and you’re on your way to binge-watching all the TV shows. The surface of the console can hold up to a 65-inch TV. Think of that when you want to play your favorite game. Toss in a soundbar or a new sound system and you have yourself a pretty sweet setup.
You can start off small and add to it as you build your collection. The specifications, no matter which custom feature you choose are 24 inches tall, almost 40 inches wide, and 13 inches deep. Each shelf weighs roughly 65 pounds and comes with two fixed shelves and two additional shelves.

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